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        We’re on a mission to end hunger in the communities we call home and eliminate waste across our company by 2025.
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        Kroger + Loop

        Part of our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste social impact plan is reducing single-use plastics, so we’re partnering with Loop to pilot a new reusable packaging system, exclusively at Kroger.
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        Third Quarter 2019 Business Results

        Kroger reported third quarter 2019 results and provided a Restock Kroger progress update on the company's three-year transformation plan.
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        Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Innovation Fund

        The Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Innovation Fund provides grants for new solutions to end food waste in our communities. This inaugural open call provides eligible innovators and creators with funding for scalable solutions that support our vision of a world with Zero Hunger | Zero Waste.

        2020 Food Trends

        From global tastes to nostalgic flavors, our team of chefs, developers and culinary experts share the five food trends to watch in 2020.
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        Breaking Ground
        We recently broke ground with Ocado on our first high-tech customer fullfillment center (CFC), with plans to open CFCs across the U.S. to accelerate our seamless customer experience.
        Kroger Pride
        No matter who you are or what you do at Kroger, we are proud of you - and we’ll support you every stop of the way by providing a safe, inclusive environment.
        A Priceless? Culinary Experience
        Our team of culinary experts and Mastercard chef Graham Elliot host a Zero Hunger | Zero Waste culinary demonstation and a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.


        Helping People Live Healthier Lives

        Colleen Lindholz, president of Kroger Health, is transforming the health and wellness industry, and the world is noticing.

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        Creating a Lifetime of Memories

        Jim Burns, grocery merchandiser for Kroger's Nashville Division, has a lifetime of memories in our stores. Hear Jim's story, his passion for our business and how his father helped shape his career at Kroger.

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        View Kroger’s current annual report and proxy statement and search the EDGAR database to view Kroger’s SEC filings.

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